Former inject shapes latent capacity is infinite

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Have technology and economically drawback with the method that enhances plastic spare parts at producing fiber currently, these blemish bring about them to did not receive wide industrial application. One kind new former an inject craft emerge as the times require, it can realize fiber to increase thermoplastic the automation of the spare parts and big batch production, manufacturing cycle is short, and these parts that production gives need not fabricating. Nowadays, successive fiber increases plastic (FRP) be in technical applying to growing quickly with the use quantity in reaching a sporting goods. The reason is when be being compared with metallic stuff phase, FRP has the functional conformity potential with remarkable weight comparing, higher intensity and energy to absorb the characteristic such as ability. Current, to achieve the goal that reduces a car to weigh considerably, automobile industry is driving what measure chemical fibber dimension gently to enhance plastic component actively to use, in order to attain industrialized scale. In sporting goods domain, pledge gently to the product it is very main factor all the time. These two domains reach a function to the function of the product, crop compositive have higher demand, in addition face higher cost pressure. In the product that provides challenge sex extremely in these, want to raise fiber to enhance plastic competition ability, can pass new technology of research and development and collocation to use only replace material differently to come true. Up to now, base material basically is material of hot solid sex, for instance epoxy resin, vinyl ester or colophony of not saturated polyester. Because its treatment viscosity is low, material of hot solid sex can be used " liquid dipping process " (graph 1) undertake handling. Shape to be compared with inject, we are OK macerate has laden way and comfortable the fabric prefabrication at fiber orientaton, such we can come according to load direction set machine function. After macerate, base material general by solidify. Although the potential of light simple structure is great, but material of sex of use heat solid enhances plastic base material to also have a lot of drawback as fiber. On one hand, the chemical reaction duration of solidify process restricted Gao Sheng to produce the implementation of speed. On the other hand, after solidify of material of hot solid sex cannot again melt, because this cannot be reclaimed to use, also cannot shape to be functional component or solder its to go up to functional component again. Because stuff of hot solid sex is easy fragile character and rupture inferiorly percentage elongation, its are in the danger that is caused statified or other damage by the meeting below percussive circumstance. Under photograph comparing, existing use thermoplastic the time of manufacturing technology cycle of base material is shorter, do not need cross-linking measure here, impact resistance is taller at the same time. Because base material is OK by again melt, use so thermoplastic fiber increases plastic (TP-FRP) made part suits to reclaim. In addition, in shape subsequently or solder can change TP-FRP function further in craft. Liquid macerate and inject shape the constitutes manufacturing TP-FRP part in coordination challenge of craft comes from use tall viscosity at how be below melt condition thermoplastic base material macerate enhances fiber. To solve this problem, we use suppress to shape craft production gives a shape interlining or " organic sheet " . In this relatively slow process, fiber by macerate. Be in only next next in the 2nd measure, the spare parts just is able to shape. Because want to produce needs interlining, so organic sheet enhances a product to all fabric almost is applicable. Because technical the bear on the spare parts needs commonly one-way enhance fiber, use pair of laden method so relatively accommodative buildup a future life of fiber fabric prefabricated component produces spare parts of FRP of hot solid sex to make light the production that quantifies a spare parts has latent capacity more. Use at forming polyamide 6 (PA6) amine of the acyl inside odd private savings former a polymerization, it is a kind of very effective method. It can combine a few advantages of liquid macerate craft well rise, and can be used thermoplastic base material will handle fabric prefabricated component. Amine of the acyl inside oneself (about 3 to second of handkerchief of 6 fine long hair) viscosity is remarkable under thermoplastic melt (about 50 to 10, 000 Paasche) , fasten under resinite of common hot solid sex even (10 to second of handkerchief of 50 fine long hair) . Before polymerization, such low viscosity makes have compound fiber orientaton beforehand model can be permeated and the monomer in macerate mould. The chemical reaction that forms PA6 is in a few minutes commonly in OK happening. In addition, shape in inject in the process, as a result of thermoplastic the melt sex of base material, such component may be changed by the function. Current inject shapes craft to " former inject shapes " craft change, it is OK in inject mould to make the fiber interlining with complex macerate, and can happen directly form the chemical reaction of PA6. Such we can shape the advantage of liquid macerate craft and inject (graph 1) organic ground union rises, inject among them shaping periodic time can marry the periodic time that gets dimensions of course of study of go to work. The premise – that such doing besides regard base material, modified as fiber / of the system of size and technology of forming machine of a kind of special inject the further progress that optimizing recipe – also is mould and engineering technology. With Yu Yuan the innovation that inject shapes creates unit for the proof former a latent capacity that inject shapes, germany inferior of treasure inferior treasure industry university is plastic machine an institute (IKV) , developing the technology with a kind of compositive height at present (graph 2) . In " reaction inject shapes – large-scale lightweight " below such theme, IKV and partner of a few industry (watch 1) exhibit in K2013 together on the meeting, those who think the sporting goods is developed technically is former inject shapes such form reveals production unit this one craft. Finished product of Nextpage prefab fiber this is a shin guard (headline picture) , those who include a fiber to increase is thermoplastic polymer is protected (TP- FRP is protected) mix by thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) the soft component that makes, so this shin guard can mix the protection that avoids loss of height apparel comfortable sex is united in wedlock together well. This component has higher mechanical strength, this is main profit from enhances way of fibrous load way, its outstanding anti-impact properties profit from is thermoplastic material matrix, light the structure that quantifies a profit from composite material, and apparel comfortable sex criterion component of profit from TPE apparels. Cut prefabricated component certain measure automation to produce craft to include farther function compositive, tighten solid component for instance (bedspring hook, screw is vaulted) and of vision and tactile component compositive. From enhance fibrous laid to begin, next reentrance arrives by IKV (graph 3) of development former an inject mould. These metropolises regard prefab fiber as interlining or " prefabricated component " in blending in manufacturing technological process. Can compatible the fibre glass fabric of all sorts of dimension size (manufacturer: Joint-stock company of science and technology of P-D Interglas of Bach of German dust Er) , can use as the fabric that shapes beforehand enhances interlining. Cut of layer of will individual spin wants size to place, and after using material of hot activation adhesive to secure spin layer, we will use the three-dimensional cutting technology of razor blade of use ultrasonic cut, shape beforehand body cut becomes final outline (manufacturer: Germany Aobaihaosen EM-Systeme limited company) (graph 4) . Before undertaking cut is operated further, prefabricated component must undertake beforehand dry, can reduce its so from all round the moisture that absorbs in air. This are crucial, because although very fractional water is divided,be met block up anion of amine of the acyl inside oneself is aggregate. Produce below melt temperature pouring polyamide robot will two (dry) prefabricated component sets two antrum pattern in, use amine of the acyl inside oneself next their macerate (manufacturer home: The limited company of German Lang Cheng that Germany forces Wokusen) . Have anion group prematurely to prevent monomer and form polyamide 6 (APA6) – also is called normally pouring in the pattern setting two component before polyamide – is injecting. The first prefabricated component includes amine of the acyl inside oneself and activator, the 2nd prefabricated component includes amine of the acyl inside oneself and activator; These additive are moved with Yu Qi and quicken chemical reaction. Component of amine of the acyl inside these two oneself divides open buy, solid body is shown below room temperature piece shape. Two solid photographs that contain activator and activator amine of the acyl inside oneself, its melt temperature is 70 ℃ about. The forming machine of inject of E-victory 120 of favour case Er that has 1200KN to join modular force (manufacturer: The firm of Austria of favour case Er that Austria uses Weitebeige) , special apply to this craft, this machine has two screw model to turn unit, the melt that is used at two prefabricated component respectively and metric. Electric drive screw can ensure tall metric precision and taller craft repeatability, after that what one character appears as a result of the low viscosity of material special is important. The prefabricated component of these two melt mixes ahead together in concussion inject only (manufacturer: Germany Shengaogusiding's Hengneiji company) (graph 5) , apply this to mix a head to had been improved for this among them. Because polymerization happens in inject mould only, mix ahead in 120 ℃ so the temperature of melt of amine of the acyl inside oneself greatly under reaction temperature. Inject mould is heated to come 160 ℃ ; Here temperature falls, when infuse when content of melt of amine of the acyl inside oneself, polymerization of open loop anion can begin. In temperature when the melt temperature under 220 ℃ , polyamide of tall crystalline of a kind of solid 6 can arise from this. Nextpage is produced need not of fabricating former a mould technology to can handle fuse-element of amine of the acyl inside the oneself of low viscosity, IKV developed a kind to improve model multistage is sealed notional mould (graph 6) . Because this inject craft is OK,undertake below vacuum, also can improve the quality of a pressing plate significantly so. Close in actual sealed combination model before antrum, the air inside whole vacuum system needs to be discharged empty. Can enter vacuum bleed system in order to prevent reactivity mixture so. Down sedimentation piece the brim, prefabricated component is compressed to come the extreme that sheds a route. Such, one sheds apply the brake to will be founded, make in forward position of macerate process midstream diffuse be able to control. Sealing also is able to assure around housing because of annulus of two O form. Be in former in inject mould, the high technology temperature that we can use the temperature that press water to control unit to achieve more than 160 ℃ (manufacturer: The Schöfer limited company that Austria grants Weitebeige) . When the mould is opened, the volatile by-product of any drop that produce from inside polymerization of amine of the acyl inside oneself can extract a system to take out through (model: TR 5, manufacturer: German lozenge represents Jierxihaimu city triumphant happy air purifies limited company) . Because polymerization of melt of amine of the acyl inside oneself and solidify are,undertake in two housing, avoid the craft function of treatment to come true, in gating system, should notice to undertake the runner of prefabricated component depart particularly. Former of a mould 3 harden compose is over runner of depart of all-pervasive enough automation. Already protected TP- FRP a layer to be taken out and be changed for farther function from inside the mould when a processing system when transferring its, the 2nd class of the mould can be opened (graph 6) . The runner that receives prefabricated component repeatedly through nodding runner can be shut freely. The processing of shin guard and function change the prefabricated component that has challenge sex to handle is by linear robot (model: Engel Viper 20) will finish, this robot deserves to have complex manipulator (manufacturer: Germany ASS machinery makes Aofulate limited company) . It can take the fabric prefabricated component that has the finite stiffness that defy a turn, and can be in former a mould antrum is medium use repeat precision to locate they. Manipulator still can be TPE component protect macerate and aggregate TP- FRP in conveying to turn over inject mould. Still have, go up in machine of the 2nd inject (model: Engel Victory 80) , shin guard injects instead with TPE, can raise appareling comfortable sex so. Former a duration that the periodic length that inject shapes basically reacts by polymerization is affirmatory, this grows to inject at TPE greatly periodic. Stem from this reason, TPE mould (also be make by Schöfer limited company) only a cavity; In former inject shapes in cycle, layer of screen of 2 TP- FRP is to use what TPE injects instead (graph 7) . When conclusion produces TP-FRP component with industrial dimensions, compositive former inject shapes craft faces very big challenge, because all at deciding the parameter of craft is affected each other using,basically be. Besides machine and mould technology, here material function and craft pilot balance also had main effect. Mix through the inject machine that will innovate former an union of mould technology photograph, we can go up in the machine of a complete automation, the periodic time that needs a few minutes only can be produced piece need not the component of complex TP- FRP of fabricating. The macerate that undertakes at the same time enhances fine peace keeping to shape, revealed us to be able to produce the latent capacity of component of big batch FRP compositively highly in future. CNC Milling