High speed control equipment

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CNC 4801 is to be high speed milling to apply (HSC) and RTCP manage and design. Have in the light of equipment most 16 inside insert an axis, include the machine of 2 controlled arbor, CNC4801 can manage more than 1000 local with I/O of the bus line on field; Like controlling a system as all ECS, it is the Windows XP on PC hardware platform embedded... develop in the environment, use the ECSlink number interface that has property right oneself and driver photograph connection, assured high-powered and board on wire cable connective decreases significantly. It is assembled have compositive type PLC, process designing of language of usable C program is controlled. Compositive CAM and aether net interface allow an user to go up to perhaps go up to undertake process designing conveniently in system of long-range main engine in machine face plate. EDD driver is to use the Yu Zhengxian delegate that does not have the range of products of ECS number converter that brushs motor. These driver make through ECSlink agreement and E. C. The complete digitlization conformity of S CNC becomes a possibility. The model of these EDD has 400Vac to input voltage, export electricity from 3, 5A arrives 25A RMS. E. C. S still offers ISODRIVE HT series to not have brush servo motor, a series of this motor characteristics have: Very small whole size, inertial to the tall rotor of CNC machine and to automation low inertial. CNC Milling