Nicety prevents burr dissociate

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The workpiece with complex form often includes the treatment place with very wrong accessibility. The line of photograph be used to of aperture of across of heel, sunken antrum, lumen not be the thing with alarming what to machining, the position that should involve these accessibility to differ however goes can letting a lot of people feel to be at a loss what to do however when burr, because should not affecting the situation of material,next nicety that finish go burr is not breeze affection. Use a tradition to go burr law, be like rigid standard, high temperature law, or gush water law, the efficient sex of very inaccessible expect, economy or homogeneity. Be in big in in the production of batch, because lumen puts the burr that be in to be able to affect work performance badly, go so the central issue that burr quality became everybody to pay close attention to. Meanwhile, going still existing in burr practice issue of a technology, it is so called 2 class go burr: That is to say, adding means to be able to form follow-up burr or form wool phenomenon with average machine, namely burr dissociate, the treatment status that appears to was not defined beforehand thereby. Accordingly dust mark ECM electrochemistry machines limited company, namely the Dorner limited company previously, devote oneself to electrochemistry to go the development of burr and research. Electrochemistry of method of treatment of ECM – electrochemistry machines law and photograph of electric spark treatment to compare is a kind of downier electrochemical machining method, scintilla won't be formed in machining a process. When treatment, workpiece serves as positive pole and dc or the anode of pulse power source is linked together, cutting tool is linked together as the negative pole of cathode and power source. The working space with certain hold is ensured between cathode and positive pole, charge flows to cathode and positive pole through electrolyte, commonly used electrolyte has sodium nitrate and sodium chloride. The metallic ion of surface of the workpiece after electrify is dissolved, after forming metallic hydrate with electrolyte, from inside electrolyte filter goes out. The appearance of boarding cutting tool that serves as cathode can match according to machining demand. The circumstance that need not raise any mechanical active force or high temperature negative charge to workpiece so issues deliquescent metal data, finish calm dot to go burr process, among them the advantage sees one spot. Because be right,the specific place of workpiece undertakes demarcate is machined, so even if be the part with especially big or especially hard tenacity also burr of can accurate purify, and homogeneity is outstanding. To fuel injection harbour the pump housing of the technology that approach a valve goes burr is complex part go an example of burr. Look first can feel the machining of pump housing is mixed go burr is current and common technology, undeserved carry. However get to the bottom of its in can discovering the palm accuses whole production technology is the hinge that implementation economy produces effectively. The group can offer Aimakeji to be carried automatically from turning treatment, workpiece, to go the whole craft catenary of burr, that is to say, all technical interface take on by a contact responsible, pattern of this kind of project management is very important to going burr working procedure. Because go although burr is bagatelle only one picket, but if consider beforehand not the word of week, meeting instant becomes a major issue. To avoid this kind of appearance, must making technology or cutting direction determines when treatment flow, only such, ability economy achieves nicety effectively to go the purpose of burr. In the manufacturing practice previously, go burr serves as last working procedure is the substantive process that fastens from adult, no matter be machinery goes,so burr still uses other method to go if used electrochemistry to go,burr facility cost uses very tall; burr technology, should appear so when changing, of clamping apparatus and cathode cutting tool change charge to also do not poor. And Aimakeji is round OK today to user acceptance, machining pump housing later when this kind of workpiece, can in the project initial phase is made for the user piece include burr inside optimal craft and treatment program, offer for the user most manufacturing shift of economy. The oil cylinder treatment of system of high-pressured fuel spray is not exceptional also. The oil cylinder actuating pressure of fuel injection system is as high as 2000 cling to, the oily opening position that when machining oil cylinder, should differ to oil cylinder goes burr or undertake pliable, the surface that makes it achieves high demand is bright and clean degree. Face treatment of this kind of high demand, dust limited company of mark electrochemistry treatment is designed research and development technology of special pulse electrochemical machining, will achieve first-rate appearance through specific pulse figure and current density bright and clean degree, offerred economy to go effectively for the user burr way. Brand-new use electrochemistry below the concept to machine a law without osculatory treatment and economic effectiveness not only OK and accurate go burr or make workpiece surface pliable, and special economy is efficient. As a result of clamping apparatus but at the same time clamp a few workpiece are paratactic treatment, so pitch time but the basis is produced can demand design, the shortest pitch time but under 10 seconds. Dust it is OK that mark already offerred the oil cylinder that carries before treatment to the user machine much work electrochemistry to go at the same time through stage of a machine burr equipment, obtain an user greatly reputably; according to workpiece condition dust mark still offers what process 25 work at most too to go for the user burr equipment. Keeping a field character, dust limited company of mark electrochemistry treatment also showed their outstanding technology actual strength, research and development skill of technical electric source control, undertake independent monitoring to every cathode. Can monitor every cathode sheds the charge measure that pass at any time so, monitor workpiece surface is measured by deliquescent metal secondhand thereby. Use electrochemistry to go the advantage of burr law is cutting tool wears away little, go burr nicety, workpiece and cutting tool do not have a contact, treatment economy is efficient. Of these advantages blend in the whole technology program that will make Aimakeji round to perfect, make the user is benefited boundless. Cipher telegram of PECM – essence is chemical the sublimate that the accurate electrochemistry treatment that limited company of treatment of electrochemistry of treatment dust mark rolls out is common electrochemistry treatment, it is the electrochemistry treatment of higher administrative levels. Among them " P " it is English " Precise " the first letter, meaning for nicety. This kind of treatment quality that machines a law basically depends on the nicety of the quality of voltaic pulse power source and equipment and tigidity. Through technology of patent pulse power source, shake cathode (cutting tool) shake machinery to control a technology with nicety (the perfect union of 10 μ M) , control of effective, critically processes clearance, make alone pulse or group the precision when pulse is machined achieves perfection (highest repeat precision to be able to amount to M of ▲ 1-2 μ , can make lens face treatment, best surface surface roughness can amount to ▲ Ra0.

05 μ M, the treatment precision that at the same time 3D shapes can be controlled between M of ▲ 1-10 μ ) . Treatment of electrochemistry of anecdote a bit and the application that chemistry of cipher telegram of essence of life processes are wide with each passing day already, besides auto industry, also be applied extensively in the production domain of aerospace and equipment of accurate medical treatment. CNC Milling