PLC exceeds the application on machine tool of essence of life in oilstone

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One, introductive before oilstone exceeds machine tool of essence of life is to use relay to have pilot, control part component is more, volume is huge, wiring is complex, and reliability is not high, often appear breakdown. In recent years, the automata level of machine tool industry is rising stage by stage. Decide to exceed machine tool of essence of life to undertake transforming upgrading to oilstone now, the relay that replaces a tradition with PLC sequence control, working cycle shortens, make the job more reliable, and process designing is simple, diagnose convenient, interference rejection capability is strong. 2, the working principle that electric control asks oilstone exceeds machine tool of essence of life is a treatment workpiece is put in two to guide between roller, workpiece is met divide evenly fast move to fixed direction, attrition workpiece surface comes while head exceeding essence of life is oscillatory below atmospheric pressure, those who improve work is bright and clean spend and circularity. The hand uses each index that adjusts good machinery, adjust working way with rotary switch automatic, press start pushbutton automatically, PLC begins to move, below programme controll, after refrigeration is started, guide roller begins to control next whirl in transducer stepless speed regulation, begin to process work. The machine tool deserves to have urgent stop and caution function, once produce mechanical failure user to be able to press emergency stop button to suspend machine tool action conveniently; Wait for account occurrence problem as a result of overload, can illume call the police the light will remind handlers. 3, systematic hardware designs   1, the design of main circuit guides roller uses frequency conversion control, PLC controls the suction of relay to cooperate to control the condition that turning for frequency conversion, and guide roller timing uses potentiometer to undertake imitate is controlled; Cooling pump is connected by what PLC controls contactor KM come stop since implementation; The rise of oilstone and drop to control electromagnetism a powerful person to come true by PLC. 2, the requirement that PLC system purchases the input according to the system, output to nod, choose the PLC of 3 water chestnut 20 o'clock to be able to ask in order to satisfy. 4, systematic software designs   1, spare parts treatment can undertake the hand is moved expediently / automatic changeover, when transfer switch comes back to use position to the hand, do not act well automatically, the system controls pushbutton to finish through operating the different hand on face plate to move the machine tool is adjusted or the hand uses treatment; Similar transfer switch comes back to automatic status when, press the pushbutton that start, PLC accords with the program that craft asks to move by what design beforehand. Systematic flow chart is shown 1 times like the graph. In system of machine tool control, the hand moves a part to take up 6 inputs are nodded, before be being used at the spare parts to be machined automatically adjust or the hand uses treatment; Automata part involves 6 inputs feature, use at the order order of the spare parts to machine. Of dot of the input of automata part, output if the watch shows input equipment 1 times to input an address to output equipment to output address overload to protect QMX000 to call the police,distributing lamp HLY000   is urgent stop SB1X001 to guide roller starts refrigeration of SB2X002 of KAY001   restoration to start KMY002   to start SB3X003 oilstone automatically to rise YVY003   stops SB4X004 automatically, to avoid to start the voltaic concussion when, with delay time 0.

5s will keep away from cooling pump and guide roller electric machinery is started at the same time. 2, breakdown detects with call the police once circuit is mechanical part or control circuit malfunction, call the police the lantern show is illumed, at the same time oilstone is raised will avoid misoperation to cause a loss; After breakdown removes, can keep clear of by restoration button call the police. The program that call the police is shown 3 times like the graph. 5, summary   PLC has rich instruction market, process designing is very agile, control is quite convenient. After undertaking upgrading transforming to exceeding machine tool of essence of life with PLC, hardware structure of the system is simple, automation rate is high, treatment efficiency is tall, maintenance is convenient, dependability rises greatly. CNC Milling