Characteristic of car sensor technology is analysed

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One of features of car technology development are more and more components use an electron to control. According to the action of sensor, can classify the sensor that waits for a function to measure chroma of temperature, pressure, discharge, position, gas, speed, brightness, dry humidity, interval, they each doing his own job, once a certain sensor is out of order, corresponding unit work can not work even out of order. Accordingly, sensor is in the effect on the car is very main. The commonly used sensor type on the diversity of the object that be measured and fast variational car includes annulus fast sensor, crankshaft / camshaft position sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, explode shake sensor. Be aimed at the model that emerge in endlessly, the sensor with every same function is having various difference again on the appearance, plus measure index, production the requirement such as the environment is more and more slashing, the test workbench that makes a tradition onefold cannot the sensor production with so diversiform give attention to two or morethings. The approximate sex that checks content is in actual production, the test content of different sensor is having certain approximate sex again. Because be told from test principle, main component is car sensor active / the type such as passive type, temperature, pressure sensor. That is to say, to different sensor, should checking a principle only is same, the equipment such as the test instrument that means them then also is same. Product line of efficient, agile sensor of test equipment car asks to use economy, efficient, automatic, agile test device, and should have tall automation, efficient, high yield can, the characteristic of high reliability. Hope of sensor production manufacturer is one-time after investment, test equipment itself still can have expansion ceaselessly, support newest product and higher function index demand effectively, assure the effectiveness that equipment capital throws thereby. Other requirement produces quality to assure, equipment needs to have capacity of certain manufacturing process statistic, conduce to the problem that reduces the manufacturing diminution of quality that causes as a result of factitious element. Compositive change, the development trend that intelligence is changed is car sensor. If undertake detecting eventually trying only, when discovering the problem is late already, the test is met and often produce a process to undertake interactively so. Such, ask other equipment is good on test equipment and product line on one hand join, can realize the information between equipment and data to share on the other hand. CNC Milling