The Kong Gong of machinery of tutorial of CAD of grand celestial bodies has functional application

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In mechanical design, aperture is one of our commonnest design objects, the quality that the aperture of accurate, fast scale machinery improves mechanical design to us and efficiency are having main effect. CAD of grand celestial bodies is mechanical 2011 it is home uses one of the most general CAD mechanical software, we see machine of CAD of grand celestial bodies through specific tutorial below 2011 in Kong Gong has functional application. Next graphs are blueprint of a piece of mechanical CAD, we can see the opening that has a variety of kinds in this graph, and use machine of CAD of grand celestial bodies the aperture tool in 2011 tectonic tools, the aperture that we can choose the different type such as aperture of whorl of Kong Huo of scale via, blind quickly (the 1) that be like a graph. The graph attacked software at 1 o'clock [aperture] tool, institute of v right plan shows a dialog box, in [common aperture] be chosen choose [blind aperture] , and below [whorl aperture] option is ticked off anthology on, the type of aperture chooses [common straight aperture] (the 2) that be like a graph. Graph after these 2 option had been installed, we need to input corresponding parameter according to the clew in previewing casing, click next [picture section plane] , the basis commands the central line of an axis of clew individual choice and end panel, such whorl aperture came out with respect to scale (the 3) that be like a graph. Nextpage pursues after 3 scale are finished, we still need to have part. Want to use this function, can choose [international pours wine cup] medium [aperture pours wine cup] , be in a CAD tutorial is medium, we choose pour angular distance to part [1.

5] , [1.

5] (the 4) that be like a graph. Graph 4 then, we can undertake the scale of weak opening, when scale weak opening, the kind that we need to choose aperture above all () of round hole, double round hole, whorl aperture, input whorl aperture diameter next [12] , have the set of datum line and fiducial the centre of a circle finally, the scale that finished aperture so (if graph 5) pursues 5 from this piece the tutorial can see, in machinery of CAD of grand celestial bodies 2011 in scale aperture is simpler, the friend that have fun at can consult this tutorial undertakes personally scale. CNC Milling