Information of cutting tool of CNC Machining center is compositive technical research and development

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1 foreword is in as machining center machine tool the wide application of mechanical manufacturing industry, the congener equipment of a lot of manufacturer of domestic is introduce abroad or be modelled on foreign product, uses module combines cutting tool to basically have the series product such as SANDVIK, SECO, KOMET, the issue that its bring is: The cutting tool that ① uses basically originates onefold tool manufacturer, breed is onefold, manufacturer home can come true merely oneself match a knife, and use ② of administrative system; without effective cutting tool to improve process capability, when the product that chose manufacturer of much home tool when a lot of enterprises, the cutting tool of the picture that gives project technology staff however, handlers is assembled when bringing ③ of difficult; to assemble, the stocks of cutting tool component is affecting cutting tool to whether because do not have significant cutting tool information to run a system,can assemble successful; ④ directly, cannot monitor of tool stocks and cutting tool resource reasonable use; to cannot differ country, inside and outside effectively the product resource of tool manufacturer tries to be used integratedly, the use situation that cannot monitor cutting tool effectively in order to reduce the cost; of machining. Can see, in machining center machine tool, assemble the management with tool stocks automatically of cutting tool to be weighed particularly should, it is the technology that matters to treatment product the crucial link of the reliability of advanced sex, quality, cycle that offer money, production cost. Be in especially in contending for intense market economy unexpectedly currently, the matchs knife and tradition artificially cutting tool that the sort of in the past lagging behind runs way, already cannot satisfy the requirement of products plan and production. Technical developed country begins to be in the cutting tool design of machine tool of machining center, numerical control and manufacturing application already, use CAD technology and band of database technology photograph, those who realize cutting tool is fictitious assemble, inventory resource management and the monitoring that its use, the way that making the system, fictitious production system of network to intelligence develops. The company that uses machine tool of machining center, numerical control to pursue machining trade at present in our country counts the home, like: ?  props box of ⒅ of  of Chen Ji of ⒛ of idle of large bamboo hat of soot of garden of Lie of > of ⒛ of idle of garden soot large bamboo hat dash forward archives of large bamboo hat of  of  of  of  of ⒍ of  idle ⒎ takes eyebrow of 2 take along sth to sb to attack car of  of krypton of Jiao of border of ⒓ of Qian  bank mires ㄒ guides border Bi toots Min? is used, in order to shorten design cycle, improve products plan quality, can bring remarkable economic benefits for the enterprise, enhance company image and the competition ability in the industry, because this makes full use of computer informatization technology, the basis develops the data of of all kinds cutting tool that business provides, the cutting tool information that builds numerical control machining center compositive technology system (database) , use watch structure, several structures and plan structure, the administration that can achieve cutting tool database, inquiry, assemble, output, use monitor wait for a function, in order to reduce the plot of project technology personnel, consult data and computational time, make full use of the cutting tool natural resources with existing enterprise, shorten by the time of cutting tool preparation of treatment product, the automation level that can raise cutting tool management greatly and to resource of limited cutting tool use effectively. Graph of system of 1 cutting tool make news of cutting tool of 2 machining center article of cost of compositive technology compose is with machining center machine tool, numerical control machine tool exemple, discuss information of its cutting tool to manage systematic technology to implement a method. The technology studies software development environment of the job is: Visual C ++ 6.

0, AutoCAD2000, Access2000, use database ADO technology, the machining center that writes own copyright (numerical control machine tool) cutting tool is compositive technical application software of the system. If the graph is shown 1 times,cutting tool system is formed, the basic technology frame of this system is shown 2 times like the graph, by the following main module comprises: Software utility this software is to be used on machining center machine tool, numerical control machine tool, the cutting tool CAD that the general Kong Jia in the module formula that uses SANDVIK and KOMET and stationary is versed in systematic knead dough processes a system and cutting tool run a system. Kong Jia of SANDVIK of software database content is versed in get, the tool such as enlarge, boring, mill, the entire component of the module type of the module type of corresponding of all kinds razor blade, collet, Coromant and system of integral type knife handle and Varilock and system of integral type knife handle reachs package. KOMET Kong Jia is versed in get, the tool such as enlarge, boring, mill, the module type of corresponding of all kinds razor blade, collet, KOMET and the entire component that make system of knife handle of form of characters or letters reach package. Get in national level, enlarge, boring, mill the common treatment tool that wait. Below all sorts of conditions that process data, of all kinds cutting tool (bit) recommend cutting dosage. Build cutting tool database to manage module this module can realize database of relation of form a complete set of the pair of knife handle databases, arbor database, database that pull a hammer, bit database, cutting tool increase, cutout is decreased, revise, realize the day-to-day management of cutting tool. Build cutting tool this module includes main element database the knife handle database, arbor database, database that pull a hammer and bit database. Building form a complete set of cutting tool component to close is a database this module includes the knife handle, arbor, razor blade, form a complete set that pull a hammer to concern, the system inputs information according to designing staff, output relation of corresponding cutting tool form a complete set, for devising personnel alternative. Database of system of commonly used cutting tool manages this module to include the cutting tool system that already had picked, design personnel can be browsed according to need, increase, revise, delete this database, use existing natural resources to select cutting tool system. The overall length of cutting tool of the machine tool model that stylist of cutting tool of system of cutting tool design provides, cutting that be reached by the content of the material of treatment spare parts, treatment and cutting deepness, this system offers corresponding and of all kinds cutting tool, razor blade and commendatory cutting dosage, interactive ground chooses the cutting dosage of cutting tool, razor blade. The machine tool model that software provides according to stylist, cutting tool (include razor blade) the system that reachs cutting tool (it is the possibility that SANDVIK or KOMET) can offer combination of a few kinds of cutting tool automatically (integral type and type of a few kinds of module) , hint inventory circumstance, optimize a circumstance to determine the assorted type of cutting tool by what stylist reachs a structure according to inventory circumstance. The cutting tool that software decides by stylist sets type, scale gives machining center cutting tool to show clip, namely general drawing of machining center cutting tool. Should cutting tool general drawing include: ? Sunlight Mao of poisonous talk in one's sleep of male of string of Ji of ⒅ Tao  employs flesh ⒓  of chirp υ  takes  idol postscript provide dinner for handsome? system inquires be ignorant of of Yong of Xing of deputy Che decadent the function reachs craft feature to regard as with cutting tool encode retrieve a condition, the information that can retrieve component (the order order of component, name, structure dimension, stocks, service life) . Of cutting tool fictitious assemble those who finish the module form that gives craft condition to fall to combine cutting tool is fictitious rig a process, the trial assembly to cutting tool is finished to match in design phase. Cutting tool uses early-warning to be able to pass the statistical analysis that uses parameter of time, treatment actually to cutting tool, the place that monitor uses the durability of cutting tool. The technical key of this software system is the cutting tool that build and perfects machining center machine tool, numerical control machine tool " graphical system " , " database system " , " assemble program system " , " system of cutting tool management " 4 big component, in order to realize resource of its cutting tool reasonable use. Pursue compositive management system constitutes information of cutting tool of 2 machining center frame pursues information of cutting tool of 3 numerical control machining center is compositive column of administrative system tool information of cutting tool of 3 numerical control machining center is compositive information of cutting tool of the numerical control that article place offers moving example of the system machining center is compositive if the main function that runs a system pursues 3 with the graph, if the graph is shown 5 times,its match knife result. This system is compositive database of automatic plot, cutting tool manages file of design of file of management of cutting tool library, craft, craft and function of inquiry, system expands the subsystem such as interface, each subsystem face unified database, the result that moves each will be the input condition of other subsystem or referenced information. Of the design of file of craft of the handles case of inventory of the initialization that includes a database, cutting tool basically check the amount that its run, cutting tool and output, cutting tool get with etc, component of manufacturer cutting tool differs in can implementing system of much cutting tool between choose assemble, optimize to the enterprise choose cutting tool resource to offer practical and feasible technology program. Graph interface of navigation of system of database of 4 cutting tool pursues the cutting tool that 5 systems make automatically explains information of cutting tool of machine tool of calorie of 4 epilogue numerical control machining center is compositive technical system software, it is one of main projects that informatization of current manufacturing industry builds, can make technical system and PDM/ERP system provide active technical support for intelligence not only, and the research of fictitious production technology that can have network for mechanical manufacturing industry and development lay technical foundation. The technical positive result that the article studies to work, the software product skill that can add domestic machining job is laid in, transforming the might in traditional industry in order to develop electronic IT, the design that improves a product and production level, enhance the competitive ability of the innovation ability of our country enterprise and product. CNC Milling