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Regard inject as a of the domain main branch, vertical inject technology also obtains a breakthrough ceaselessly in recent years, especially domain of silicon balata inject. The article introduced machine of inject of vertical of servo, full report respectively, and realize vulcanization time revolutionary the new-style vertical that shorten notes press. Inject machine ranges way with what lock up modular plant according to inject device, can divide mix for vertical, horizontal stand lie complex formula. Among them, photograph of vertical inject machine compares horizontal, except cover an area of an area little outside, still have easier implementation insert to shape the cannot replace advantage that waits for performance side. BENCHMARK is brand-new machine of inject of BENCHMARK of servo vertical machine is facilities of German balata treatment all the time the range of products with banner provider the most essential DESMA, its lock up modular system to was an industry to establish new post when be rolled out 9 years ago, still rank lead position on engineering up to now. This one success will by brand-new the S3 model of the design accedes. Machine of vertical of BENCHMARK S3 servo has a lot of new characteristic in efficiency respect. BENCHMARK S3 is one brand-new the vertical inject machine of the design, have a series of new technology features, be like ServoGear, ActiveFeed, PlastControl, QuickLock and the FIFO-Advanced that obtain further development. With machine rolled out new Control Panel of DRC 2020 HT first. The key of design concept is in new facility to reduce material and the sources of energy to use up at be being shown, manufacturing technology also gets apparent promotion. BENCHMARK S3 has a lot of new characteristic in efficiency respect. S3 of ServoGear be accompanying serves as machine of inject of servo drive hydraulic pressure to be rolled out first. Machine of this kind of energy-saving hydraulic pressure distributes stock two pump system, its highlight a characteristic is the specific power consumption when its move normally inside 4 minutes of cycle makes an appointment with low 45 % , total in be used actually specific power consumption can be reduced make an appointment with 10%-13 % (depend on periodic time and equipment) . Equipment location is additionally exact, noise minimum. Also undertook be transforminged thoroughly to combining modular system, mouth width is bigger now, major cloth sets hydraulic pressure pipeline or compositive in mould gripper shoe. Used method of this kind of design to reduce the amount of tube considerably, be helpful for reducing daily moving cost. DESMA has unit of patent FIFO A inject to also get redesigning, come out with new name FIFO-Advanced now. Redesigned integral structure, can offer a variety of new-style and optional configuration. For example, although inject when volume is minor also but compositive bigger silicon balata supplies makings system. Additional, active drive can be deployed to offer makings roller on inject unit -- ActiveFeeds -- can handle ply to be the material of on congener unit 2 times. The stuff with width and ply older wave motion can be fed even in inject unit, be in thereby have bigger flexibility for makings respect, this is really a kind can the advantage of be economical. S3 model still provides the one-way system that has new development: This kind of hydraulic pressure is one-way a powerful person is called PlastControl, and already patent application. Used this system to improve data considerably metric precision, metric precision rises about 50% . If this have an advantage extremely when liquid silicon balata,handling low viscosity material, because one-way a powerful person can be shut actively. But, be in those who reduce cost respect to have effect most still is pair of material is efficient use, and the amount that the product requires do poorly done work over again is few. Note press craft vulcanization time to shorten the new design concept of large machine reflected the in part the change of field requirement. Come for years, the technology that in balata inject technology trade was not worth to be carried almost makes progress. Mature traditional injection system is this domain backwater not one of main reasons before. Use the EFE injection system that develops a few years ago, offer what the German company LWB Steinl that machines equipment makes to noted press to break the deadlock of this domain eventually for elastomer material, also caused at the same time shorten note those who press method of craft vulcanization time to discuss. The standard is decided very high, because use original sizing material and mould whacking,shortened vulcanization time 50% . LWB company experiments for many times in what undertake with manufacturer of much home rubber, got similar result. Use EFE technology to be able to shorten not only vulcanization time, and special still be helpful for reducing energy cost. Through choosing hydraulic pressure servo still can reduce specific power consumption further. The VR series that LWB Steinl protects with solid, Yi Wei is a foundation, VR series used a few years successfully already, model of develops special VR series will be new technology and long the component combination of classics textual research is an organic whole, because the structure is simple, the price is reasonable, potential user can consider to buy new facility or transform old equipment. Model VREFD 4500/4000, force combining a model 450 tons, inject bulk is 4L, the factory price of vertical machine Altdorf that pattern plate dimension is 800 × 800 Mm under 190 thousand dollar. The machine distributes unit of stock EFD inject, coping and bottom isolating device, temperature controls unit and LWB standard Piko PC to control a system, and like model of all and other LWB, new technology still can be used to undertake transforming later. LWB Steinl regards his as this kind of special model long of the machine series of classics textual research replace, compensatory model, basically face the shop that considering to undertake transforming to old equipment currently. Machine of completely dynamoelectric inject began vertical 2007 oneself, WINDSOR becomes Japan of manufacturer of Japanese famous equipment formally to make steel place (JSW) the sale is companionate, JSW has 50 old experience in side of plane of hydraulic pressure inject, there also are more than 20 years of experiences in side of plane of completely dynamoelectric inject. JSW can provide the power that lock up a model 350-2500 ton machine of completely dynamoelectric inject. Go up century 80 time, japan takes the lead in giving out machine of completely dynamoelectric inject in the whole world, 20 old hind, trend of complete electric machinery is injecting machine field is very clear already, it is Japan and whole Asia not only, europe in recent years the sales volume of complete electric machinery also grows strong. The JT that JSW rolls out is completely dynamoelectric machine of innovation vertical inject has workbench height low, injection mould provides bigger, speed flying a model to wait for a lot of advantage quickly, add up to modular force 400-2000kN. Because reduced workbench height, operation height and insert processing height also are able to reduce, job of the member that make handle a person is more convenient, simplified the operation of insert system. On JT40RAD-55V, workbench height only 894 Mm, than traditional machine low 146 Mm. The structure is compact, the design is solid. Considerably cut machine width and pattern plate area, so the machine suits to be used at assembling conveyer belt very much. Compare with photograph of traditional bugle call, pattern plate area was reduced 18% . Although machine width is compact, but the external diameter of its dial and traditional type are same. Undertook optimizing to nozzle, can install older pattern thereby, in addition, the machine still can use those who contain clamping apparatus and slideway mixedder pattern. Workbench rotates rate is high. Workbench noise is low, rotate speed coming back is spent tall, because used high-powered servo motor,this is, motor is used take transmission to improve productivity. In rotary table final fixed position aspect uses mechanical fixed position, repeat precision in order to improve, avoid insert slide, revolving stage can rotate 180 degrees. Rate flying a model is rapid. Used new-style orgnaization combining a model, so the mould leaves, close career fast. Optimized performance of ancon lever trends, reduced the athletic quality of unit combining a model. Rate of servo control technology is rapid. Use periodic time with small second plan loop of high speed control and feedback can optimize equipment function, will raise technology reliability and reappearance with this, improve product quality considerably. Because improved the productivity of high quality product, saved the cost of hydraulic pressure oil, and can more economic land productivity uses the sources of energy, resource, reduced maintain cost, so the investment on dynamoelectric inject machine can call in very quickly. Module type concept. The solution of custom-built, practical, economy undertakes ceaselessly modular. Afore-mentioned matching stock dormant or the machine configuration of revolving stage coming back has all sorts of module to combine a form. Can offer the control system with a variety of chosen inject unit and powerful function to be able to improve productivity. Have tall quicken ability (HR) and high speed (the crucial element that HS) inject is the concept of engine of module type inject that faces application. The product that can make in the light of place (include product of miniature goods and thin wall inject) anthology distribute first-rate equipment, undertake optimal adjust. JSW JT vertical sets 3 doors on inject machine, can enter all function area conveniently. Forehead is used block shade gently to defend. Performance of ancon lever trends is designed technically in the light of drive of servo electric machinery, close so and open rate is rapid, dynamic performance is good. CNC Milling