The industrialization of tool of our country car

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The industrialization of car cutting tool is having important sense to the development of Chinese auto industry, also be one of fundamental conditions that Chinese auto industry forms own development capacity. For this, no matter be car company or the supplier that supply equipment for auto industry, should give high attention. In light of the road of the development that litter lathe work has the meaning of industrialization to wait for world economy big country from beautiful, day, heart, the tool is simple not merely to the action of car industry raise efficiency and precision, and the main factor that still prompts progress of car workmanship technology. Today, be machined by cutting and the most crucial part that decides car function and level is completed finally. New technology of the distinctive new material of car industry new development and treatment, cannot leave the use of new-style cutting tool almost. With the journal of crankshaft treatment is exemple, 20 centuries 5, 60 time are turning craft, 7, 80 time are milling craft, appeared again now car - the car helps new technology, the efficiency that crankshaft machines and quality are rising ceaselessly. Basically the development of the application that relies on CNC machine tool and new cutting tool is able to implement the shake-up of these craft. Turning craft uses simple lathe tool, milling craft and car - the figuration combined-type milling cutter that the car pulls craft to need to develop complex, nicety or car - broach. The occurrence of new treatment craft often makes machine a method to become more forthright, treatment efficiency is taller, but it is precision to the requirement of cutting tool taller, structure is more complex. Such OK saying, equip the new technology that manufactures without the car without advanced cutting tool, newly, also do not talk to go up the own technology that has auto industry develops a system. Accordingly, aim at car tool industrialization, begin development of high starting point, advance car tool industrialization to work hard, it is to build industry of our country car the strategic measure of system of own technology development. Working guiding principle should build our country car own technology develops a system, the technology that car production uses and equipment must home of basic base oneself upon. This that is to say, we want capable development not only from already model, and still must capable to make a car manufacture the tooling of need and technology. Actually this is car of world of the United States, day, heart the road of the progress that produces big country, to today, big country of these 3 cars not only banner standing of world of car output house, very strong model develops ability, also be the big country that car workmanship equipment produces on the world and powerful nation at the same time. The 50% ~ that the car amount that these 3 countries produce takes a whole world 60% , the 50 ~ that its regard the production value of the machine tool cutting tool that equipment basically comprises as to also hold whole world total production value 60% , only car cutting tool achieved 30% ~ in the scale in these national tool markets 40% , formed a batch to specialization with what auto industry contacts cheek by jowl tool works and cutting tool product, effectively raises those who supporting auto industry to develop continuously. <IMG Onmousewheel="return Bbimg(this)" Alt="" Hspace=0 Src="http://www.



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Jpg" Onload=resizepic(this) Border=0> is in the Three Kingdoms of beautiful, day, heart, the mode that should say German tool industry more accord with our country national condition. Germany agrees without the United States accept such big company, also do not have Japan 3 water chestnut, Toshiba, live friendly such 3 big strong, but have a batch of famous medium, small professional plants, be like: The car of Widia company - the gear cutting tool of company of the machine clip reamer of company of the broach of integral hard alloy of company of broach, Guhring, Mapal, Hurth, they have a product have a technology only, what provide treatment for manufacturer emphasize having a technology only when as big as the world company competes. Essence of their cutting tool product is the carrier that treatment has a technology only, what they sell is cutting tool not only, it is a technology more. Be a batch of such professional factories, the car production that also is world each country for car production of Germany not only is offerring product of characteristic cutting tool, promoting the ceaseless development of world car industry. The hill spy dimension that the national condition of Nextpage our country and trade situation increase investment impossibly to build a China is overcome or agree accept, but we recombine likely however through asset or internal structural adjustment, drive in what litter lathe work provides industrialization, the organization moves employee to have the backbone company of the industry, break digest severally, those who absorb is enclosed the technology develops pattern, pass tackle key problem project approving, to cutting tool industrialization technology of medium foundation, general character undertakes tackling key problem, offer relevant project to change a technology to the industry, the productivity of the proper motion development of the respect, development waits in order to improve whole tool industry in the material of cutting tool razor blade, breed, quality, build several China pattern thereby " Guhring " , " Mapal " , " Klink " , " Hurth " wait for factory of major of car cutting tool, the cutting tool that fashions the different kind that place of a batch of auto industry wants supplies base. Fall in market economy condition for exploration, the close together union of science and technology and market, 2 development that accelerate gain of science and technology and project are changed, the process of industrialization, the product of replaces entrance product new and high technology that faces user of key user development, development, production to be badly in need of directly, implementation is produced, learn, grind, with photograph union, make science and technology constructs a service for national economy better. July 1998, via approval of department of national science and technology, the research center of technology of project of national nicety tool that establishs to rely on an unit with Chengdu tool institute (center of engineering of tool of the following abbreviation) hold water formally in Chengdu. The overall policy that establishs tool engineering center is: Rely on industry mainstay factory and key user, combine company of famous tool of college and abroad, establish with the form of finite liability company, the force that organizes entire industry serves for industry of national economy key, work through this, promote the progress of science and technology of tool industry and industrial structural adjustment. Tool engineering center will remove hatch to scientific research achievement implement the intention that changes with the project. Will from upriver unit, namely place of scientific research courtyard, colleges and universities introduces scientific research achievement to undertake development and project change research 2 times, turn to downstream unit next, namely industry factory turns production into guild regulations model, the key user of product and technology is industry of national economy key and user. Of tool engineering center head period the industrialization that the task is car tool. According to ministry of national science and technology about establishing the concerned directive of tool engineering center, 2001, 7 units such as limited company of Yu Lun high technology ceramics initiate college of industry of grain of Jiangsu of combination of Chengdu tool institute, Hunan university, Chongqing establish " Chengdu labour grinds Inc. of science and technology " (joint-stock company of the following abbreviation) , be in the Chengdu City is new the industrial district builds industrialization base, chengdu tool institute is charge a partner unit. Center of engineering of tool of executive progress circumstance is declaring a process in, closely around industry of national economy key, constituent industry carries out car tool industrialization to work, it is breach with this, the company that forms a batch to include industry of domestic and international institution of higher learing, academy place, tool and partial distinctive are joint-stock factory, solely invested of the factory specialization manufacturing base, common form provides the basic system of development into car knife. Carry out through the survey that comes 3 years, conduct propaganda is started and be being organized, the work of car tool industrialization that industry of tissue of tool engineering center begins already from onefold begin " nimble is amounted to " car product line uses cutting tool indigenous chemical industry is made, development becomes one steam masses, Shanghai masses, spirit job of Long Fukang and industrialization of tool of manufacturer of other car engine is advanced in the round, obtained initial effect. Chemical industry of industry of tool of product line of motor of above sea masses serves as exemple, come 3 years, began owner of domestic tool travel to want car cutting tool, measure and company of the production that measure appearance to seek advice early or late, major of cutting tool of personnel of engine plant technology grooms, entrust quality of national cutting tool to supervise with examine the center begins quality to supervise to tool supplier examine with attestation, , so far, the knife that engine plant already had variety of 200 many norms, complementary industrialization came true in home, saved a knife, complementary have cost, dropped a knife, complementary provide inventory and circulating fund, shortened knife, complementary have the cycle that offer money, obtained remarkable result. Meanwhile, the oneself construction of joint-stock company and project change a technology to develop the job to also be in intensify undertaking. Build in joint-stock company and run a side: In October 2001, joint-stock company invites the 2nd big advisory company of world -- the panelist to joint-stock company development that British general Hua Yongdao consults a company what the respect such as sale of resource of the strategy, manpower, financial management, market, pull current Cheng has by a definite date 1 year is comprehensive seek advice, put forward complete business affairs specification and finance affairs to fulfil his duty to report. What work to strengthen car tool industrialization is unified and harmonious, established car tool homebred change network of efforts of leader group and countrywide car tool, opened special webpage on Internet. In hardware investment and technology develop a field: Joint-stock company acquired in succession machine tool of machining center of Taiwan four-axle linkage, the crucial equipment such as the pressurization vacuum sintering furnace that the grinder of numerical control periphery of Swiss Agathon company, numerical control pours arris machine tool and production of Canadian Lima company; Developed the coating device such as new-style PVD, CVD, PCVD by oneself; Had hard alloy razor blade to grind treatment from base material development, blade to the surface the technology of a complete set of of compound coating develops ability. In the light of car crankshaft production uses a car - help bit, the development that developed material of new-style hard alloy and coating technology develops the work, obtained initial effect, the crankshaft car that develops development - pull bit to be in the god passed manufacturing test and verify on product line of Long Fukang motor, already replaced batch of entrance razor blade to offer money. Nitrogen of new-style microwave agglomeration changes razor blade of silicon pottery and porcelain to already was in company of one steam masses, Kang Mingsi to wait for car plant batch to offer money. Around the car the development work of system of special HSK tool also is in success, ministry of national science and technology " 15 " science and technology tackles key problem project " the development of system of tool of high speed treatment and application " the task already also passed expert appraisal in November 2003, carry this task, purchased edition CAD of UGS-17 of American UG company to reach auxiliary production software, give product of HSK series tool and special measuring instrument in the development on this foundation implement, product of partial HSK cutting tool already was in Long Fukang of one steam masses, god passes manufacturing test and verify, level of state of HSK tool system drafts the job to also undertaking. Use at going in great quantities in car engine production of burr contain abrasive nylon to brush, but dislocation cutting tool uses the big already also batch such as high-powered bolt to offer money to car plant. So far, tool engineering center is preliminary already the project that formed combination of appearance of user of tool of tool industry business, institution of higher learing, car changes development system, quickened the industrialization of scientific research achievement, for car tool industrialization development laid a foundation. CNC Milling