The Swiss character that the car includes

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Nicety is strong the quality that reduce is cut with what use equal weight quite. The difference sees from what can be clear about to the proportion that reduce perfectly. Use nicety is strong cut a technology into parts to be able to come true to cut a margin perfectly easily, and use tradition is strong cut into parts 2/3 imperfect. Use nicety to rush like all cars on this age bound now decide a part. Feintool is the world banner supplier that nicety develops to cut into parts and become V-neck territory. Feintool has 1 in the whole world, 800 employee, make an appointment with a half to be in among them Switzerland. Nicety is strong cut technical traceable into parts 19 centuries the Switzerland of 20 time. The tradition develops effect of the emphatic that reduce profit, nicety is strong reduce the power that uses 3 linkage, have very big effect to be about to assemble the precision of the spare parts. Feintool uses research and development through undertaking with Switzerland and abroad university collaboration. Since need to master all regulation in whole craft, these collaboration are very necessary to the supplier at an any technologies or system, they also are component suppliers at the same time. Feintool is the supplier that can offer complete service exclusively to wrap, include product and nicety to rush to cut into parts and shape craft serves, the design from the spare parts and material till whole production system. The product of major company serves at automobile industry. Now, every car contains part of more than 100 Feintool -- system of gear case, air conditioning, brake system, safety belt or seat adjuster -- unfavorable without these start off. Automobile industry is the client with Feintool the biggest product. Every car is contained have more than 100 parts. Seat system, saying well and truly is the special skill that seat adjustment component is Feintool, 80% what the direct or indirect sale of this part holds total. There is other company on the market is to be based on the nicety about seat adjuster completely to develop those who dismiss a technology. Although different regulating system is based on different principle, main functional part always uses nicety to develop those who reduce technical production. The parameter range that accurate part produces inside alive bound limits is ° of the 2-3 between tine. Nicety is strong cutting into parts is exclusive can big batch produces this accuracy class, make sure the tall torque of the spare parts is delivered. A lot of gear case were included strong decide a part, for example flywheel, the planetary gear with brake complete even compose. The nicety in braking system all is strong cut a spare parts into parts to include spacer and ABS sensor. The cost that saves whole product line promotes appreciation service gear case make friends makes clear first chose nicety to rush when the company cut into parts or nicety is strong cut into parts with shape union, and quited metallic purify installation, can save cost adequately. Metallic purify includes cut normally over all dimension of window of raw material, stiletto, cut and chamfer, level off, treatment, crown, gear hobbing, stiletto, milling is machined in the head, go burr and have the face bright and clean processing. And nicety is strong cut craft into parts to need to rush only cut into parts, crown pours wine cup, go burr and polish. The compound technology nowadays and module tool can plant number rush to cut into parts and shape craft conformity is together, board gold will press the treatment on curved equipment to make in. In practice, this can be saved 70% or more, the element such as the elimination of the degree according to unit amount and functional conformity and mechanical component. And, amalgamative nicety rushs to cut into parts and shape can give architect and manufacturer more the choice of large-scale creativity and solution, can become the dominant position of productivity, cost and competition ability further. It is integrated and OK that use nicety rushs to cut into parts and shape the processing of the interior that completes board gold part and exterior outline, press optionally curved, sunken into, coil to be pressed pressing of edge, essence of life, hem, greatly with connection. Can make the hardware design of integral function becomes a possibility, reduced the spare parts sort in assembling component or device above all, decreased next production and assemble cost. This technique goes in muti_function before component, replaced traditional technical part and manufacturing system in a lot of case. Nicety is strong cut into parts / shape nicety of newest hydraulic pressure of banner supplier Feintool is strong cut press HFAplus into parts. Pressure limits 3, 200 to 11, 000 KN, ensure crop increases. The lead position of Feintool is to be based on solution of unique terminal technology. Besides the opportunity folding a turn that offers machinery and hydraulic pressure, feintool also provides appropriate outside system for the client. Tool system, seek advice to appoint problem analysis with the client, project and groom and efficient all-around client serves. Between technology of system of press, tool, material and hardware design interactive the success that optimizing is whole project is crucial. The unique part of Feintool depends on having all core competition ability of these respects, make its can provide the comprehensive guidance of this technology. Worldwide inside the nicety that exceeds 2000 is strong dismiss press and system serving for the client. The limits of the includes machinery and hydraulic pressure different power of press limits, total limits from 1, 600 to 14, 000KN. Use nicety, the nicety that does not have burr develops the module tool that cuts the assembly parts clutch that produces a model into parts. Nicety is strong cut into parts (abbreviation choice is strong) it is the technology of most advanced figuration in current punch craft, rush in dimension precision can get in growing a process it is tall, good to cut face surface roughness, and have certain and stereo figure (use compound figuration engineering technology) spare parts, it has the characteristic with wide range of high grade, efficient, low cost, application. Traceable of energy strong technology is strong to punch spare parts reduce a range bright and clean spent precision requirement, of the part of thin makings plane that uses the earliest at instrument bearing industry fall makings and punching treatment, increasing nowadays ground and photograph of craft of other cold form cutting are united in wedlock, apply extensively at each industry domain, especially what auto industry place needs is thick board, what cold rolling coiled strip machines figuration is muti_function complex component. The spare parts mass that employs essence of life to develop treatment and look of common punch work are compared, have clear advantage, have strong cut precision of bright and clean, dimension into parts tall, flatness is advanced advantage. After be being handled via past burr, can undertake constructional directly, what need not need after common punch cut, cut, grind, the other treatment working procedure such as leveling, cost of the investment that saved a large number of auxiliary equipment and manpower, material resources, operation, improved manufacturing efficiency not only, more important is the precision loss that avoided each process, assured what batch produces a part to repeat precision and manufacturing dependability. Essence of life can achieve T7 to public errand of spare parts dimension, T8 class precision, the surface roughness that cuts an area can achieve Ra0.


4 μ M. To the part with a lot of complex form, wait like gear, ratchet, chain wheel, cam compressed, essence can be finished to working procedure, time needs a few seconds only, reduced many mill, planing machine, grind, the cutting working procedure such as boring, can improve work efficiency 10 times above. Essence of life develops technology not only managing the bad news that because reduce the cutting machine tool of cutting working procedure,works in great quantities can, and because essence of life develops the list after,the face is had very strong cold the quenching that makes the order after sclerotic effect can be replaced sometimes working procedure and reduce cost and specific power consumption. If the glass of the car rises,fall implement, after using essence of life to develop manufacturing technology, cancelled to quench so working procedure. Essence of life covers a range to what craft applies wide. Use already extensively at the domain such as cutting tool of appearance of agricultural and machinery of car, autocycle, spin, mechanical, computer, electric home appliancesCNC Milling