Hua Ling exceeds hard PCD cutting tool to process the maturity application of the domain in duralumin

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Duralumin is to show the alloy that adds particular element to form in aluminium alloy is in maintain aluminium to wait for an advantage gently character while still can have higher strength, surpass a lot of alloy steel than intensity, make good structural material, use extensively at machinery to make, the respect such as carriage machinery, motivation machinery and aviation industry, often make the airframe of the piston of the car, hub, caliper and plane, envelope with aluminium alloy, in order to reduce self-prossessed, use what aluminium alloy replaces armor plate data to solder, structural heft can reduce 50% above. Duralumin (aluminium alloy) the wide application of performance advantage aluminium alloy promoted aluminium alloy to solder technical development, pass long-term manufacturing practice and scientific test, people applies the method such as heat treatment to come with joining alloying element to reach gradually aggrandizement is aluminous. If join the silicon of different content, magnesian, zinc the aluminium alloy of alloying element, attribute high strength product of high quality aluminium alloy, have processability can much better, admirable solder characteristic and eletroplate changeless form, material is compact after gender, good corrosion resistance, tenacity reachs treatment high flawless reach easily film of polishing, chromatically effect of easy, oxidation is admirable wait for admirable characteristic. The cutting tool material that duralumin treatment difficulty and cutting tool material choose to machine aluminium alloy to be able to offer an alternative character has diamond of He Jujing of hard alloy, pottery and porcelain (PCD) . Use YG kind when material of aluminium alloy of hard alloy cutting, cutting tool wearability is poor, because join silicon to raise its to use property normally in aluminium alloy material, silicon meets what react with alloy cutting tool and quicken hard alloy wear away; And although knife of pottery and porcelain has taller hardness and wearability, good high temperature capability than hard alloy, but the brittleness of pottery and porcelain is big with thermal conductance crackle of low easy generation brings about bit damaged, these defect restricted cutting tool of pottery and porcelain the use in processing aluminium alloy data. Hua Ling exceeds get together forcedly brilliant diamond (PCD) it is the cutting tool stuff with cutting at present better aluminium alloy, have coefficient of friction of very tall hardness and wearability, low-down, point is very sharp, quality of cutting treatment surface is good. And as in recent years of finished cost of PCD cutting tool reduce ceaselessly, the market is improved of competitive pressure and cutting tool workmanship jointly, the price of PCD cutting tool already fell considerably 50% above. The performance that compares Pcd cutting tool, price, use wait for a respect, pcd cutting tool processes medium application in aluminium alloy material increasingly grow in quantity. Hua Ling exceeds strong cutting tool to be in duralumin (aluminium alloy) the applied plan in treatment is in the representative application of automobile industry with duralumin exemple, unscramble Hua Ling to exceed strong cutting tool to machine medium applied plan in aluminium alloy: (1) piston of plan of cutting tool of treatment of piston of car aluminium alloy is common the circle outside machining place to include, coping end panel, coping ball and socket, outside cirque chamfer, sell aperture to wait. In developing a process, the piston formed type of 3 kinds of alloy with aluminium alloy, differentiate according to the discretion of silicon content for: In all brilliant alloy (silicon content is made an appointment with 12% ) , over- in all brilliant alloy (silicon content is made an appointment with 18% ) reach Gao Gui aluminium alloy (silicon content is made an appointment with 25% ) . Contain the increase that silicon estimates as engine piston material, the processability of material can drop, hua Ling exceeds good development to go out be aimed at the cutting tool with tall silicon more ideal aluminium alloy -- get together brilliant diamond (PCD) cutting tool, what treatment of piston of car aluminium alloy uses cutting tool program: PCD razor blade -- standard razor blade (VCGX series) with the razor blade that be not mark, basically use at the circle outside piston of thick finish machining, high grade PCD sheet, can high speed cutting, improve treatment efficiency. PCD chamfer knife -- chamfer of annulus of piston of main finish machining, the PCD capable person that special hard alloy matrix adds tall wear-resisting is qualitative, overcome the breaks a knife easily phenomenon in machining a process effectively, machine photograph comparing with traditional cutting tool, still can rise to machine efficiency actually greatly, raise cutting rate, reduce the cost that change a knife, the safeguard that makes machine the quality precision of workpiece to have better. PCD milling cutter -- ball head milling cutter is main ball and socket of end face of piston of thick finish machining, the PCD material of tall wearability can satisfy large surplus cutting character, admirable exterior surface roughness, tall cutting tool life! Establish milling cutter to basically be used at platform of end face of piston of thick finish machining, apply to cutting of large surplus, high rotate speed, tall feed. Shape milling cutter is used at piston pin of thick finish machining aperture, chamfer blocking reed, orifice / hole bottom pours horn to be an organic whole, change a knife to complete much talk process, efficiency is taller. (2) Hua Ling of plan of treatment cutting tool exceeds hub of car aluminium alloy to get together forcedly brilliant diamond (PCD) cutting tool suits to machine hub of place aluminium alloy outside round, rim, spoke, bottom land: In be aimed at process of hub of treatment aluminium alloy, the problem that often encounters, if tangent plane is not light, hoar, pinhole, hua Ling exceeds the PCD name that has distinct size forcedly, basically be aimed at the silicon aluminium alloy of different aluminous content, in order to achieve much better treatment result, what treatment of hub of car aluminium alloy uses cutting tool program: PCD razor blade -- standard machine places bit, commonly used model has VCGW, VCGT. PCD hub razor blade -- the razor blade that be not mark, circular arc horn is 2.

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0. PCD chamfer razor blade -- razor blade of chamfer of hub of the PCD that be not mark CNC Milling