Deserve to automation tray exchanges the new-style vertical machining center of device

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A kind of new-style vertical machining center that deserves to automation tray exchanges unit satisfied the client's requirement, lowered the price, accelerated delivery rate. 19 centuries 40 time later period, the mark is worn " proa " the dawn that greeted dawn, "Proa " it is a kind of small-sized mainsail merchant ship that basically builds to raise rate. Before nearly two centuries Ceng Feng goes this kind temporarily design, because its have,be by modern trade place the advantage with favorable do one's best: Delivery rate is representing competitive capacity. Accordingly, be machined to and make a workshop for, "Flier industry " it is a particularly equal company name number it seems that. However, those who have acid interest is, create in the company of Chicago area character to this, the delivery that how satisfies a few spare partses asks to be put in the problem all the time, still be such so far continuously. However, acquiring a machining center of VF8 VMC vertical that introduces from Haas company and the A6040SD that configure to be offerred by Midaco company automatic tray exchanges unit (abbreviation APC) later, make the delivery time of this company shortened below certain circumstance 75% above, finished cost was reduced 50% . "According to our estimation, acquire oneself since this machine tool and APC system, we are already managing by tens of thousands dollar. " general manager Mr Chuck Potter of Clipper company says so. Of Clipper company found but when restrospect to Second World War ends, 3 engineers became close friend at that time, they decide to step the talk that be in business together. The first their project is design and sale a kind they say for " Clipper Caded " (flier teenager) trailer. 1946, they established a company, and the name that its the honorary name number of flagship product regards this as the company at that time. The APC that Mr Randy Rothe is demonstrating the Haas vertical machining center inside Clipper estate company and Midaco company is automatic tray exchanges unit, of this system built the manufacturing cost that already was every this company spare parts to reduce 30%~50% , the delivery time that increases workpiece shortened 75% above are acquiring before the APC automatic tray of the machining center of VF8 VMC vertical of Haas company and Midaco company exchanges unit, this company uses all sorts of hands to use device, handle the treatment order of small lot, and the outside machining order criterion bag of large quantities of quantities gives other firm. However, the limitation of this kind of management method pulled their hind leg, because be below the situation of economic depression, increasing ceaselessly to reducing the price and the market demand that quicken date of delivery. In addition, ask in the supplier the cry that rise in price is medium ceaselessly, clipper company does not think impute to of this one burden its client. The reason that this company offers to should suggest is, use machining center of an automation CNC, can let machine business to be solved in company interior, can reduce again at the same time finished cost and shorten the delivery time of the spare parts. After studying together with industrial expert and talking things over, the APC automatic tray of the VF8 vertical machining center that this company purchased Haas company and Midaco company exchanges unit. Specific for, this company needs a large machining center and 40in of × of a 60in (1in=25.

4mm) the APC system of tray, in order to get used to the treatment of many spare partses. "We like the tray that Midaco company offers, can get used to us faultlessly to machine the limits of dimension. " Mr Potter says. "The main good point of system of double tray APC is, the job moves on the machine tool when a tray when, operator can make up in another tray card debugs a spare parts. " an engineer Mr Randy Rothe of Clipper company says, he is in charge of the much on new-style vertical machining center debugging setting job. This reduced the shutdown time of machine tool and operator greatly. "In stop machine hind, if operator passes the front door of the machine tool, many a ground or card of outfit of spare partses of 2 2 ground general arrive on bench clamp, block way according to old outfit, and operator stands over, awaiting the part that finish change the job, " his explanation says. "After using automation tray to exchange a system, can let operator move in the machine tool while, from tray the part that already machined discharge is removed, install card to debug the part that needs new treatment. Operator also does not need to stay again lean by the machine tool, whole work environment is very so safe. " in fact, this system can be inside the time that is less than 30s, exchange tray automatically, its repeat precision to be ± 0.

0001in, saved time further thereby, mr Potter complements. "Actually, in assemble and unassemble have hardly between the spare parts any machine down time, this is helpful for improving the manufacturing efficiency of machine tool and operator. " after receiving the system with new setup, this company added the fixed position like two appearance to sell on these two tray again attack whorl aperture. "Use this kind of means to make debug speed faster and more easy also. " Mr Rothe says. For example, in actual production, when moment of unused of these two tray, this company can install bench clamp on a tray, clamping apparatus is installed on another tray. "Installation is debugged on the machine tool 3 bench clamp need to cost 0.

The time of 5~1h, " Mr Rothe says. "Become us now when preliminary adjustments tray, should use fixed position to sell only attack whorl Kong He to input code of a M, can be inside 30s, or it is at most in 1min do calm, the bench clamp that lets me or clamping apparatus finish dozen of watch to debug, on call job. " Having The Same Pattern Of Tapped And Dowel-pinnedholes On Both Pallets Is Akin To Having " Onemachine With Two Tables, " Mr.

Rothe Says.

When this company to satisfy a client urgent order goods need, and when must suspending production, this kind of function is very useful. Mr Rothe listed the case of a hypothesis: When if this company is in,be being machined at the work that uses clamping apparatus to, the part that needs urgent treatment can install card to be on bench clamp. "Because bench clamp already was on our tray,debug through making a list, we can make our client walks out of predicament immediately, next we are OK immediately pallet changer, return the work that processing formerly to us. " his explanation says. Contrary, if do not have APC automatic tray to exchange unit, operator besides divide clamping apparatus discharge, reinstall bench clamp and undertake hitting expressing debugging beyond, do not choose without him. In fact, according to Mr Rothe estimation, be in everyday respect of bench clamp commutation, this company every weeks but the time of managing 6~8h. Press horary 75 dollars computation, light is in bench clamp commutation reduces machine down time this one, annual but managing 23000 dollars above. From on the whole, after this company leaves interior to solve treatment job, this system already made finished cost reduced 30%~50% , make increase workpiece delivery time at the same time from average 2~3 the time that the week reduces to need a few days only. "Study a new CNC machining center and think of a way of unit of concerned tray trade for the first time when us when, we think in that way like a lot of companies: ' we do not need a tray to exchange unit, the lot that produces treatment because of us is not big ' , " Mr Rothe says, "However, if you are used bench clamp or repeat use clamping apparatus, and if you are every weeks on workbench,assemble and unassemble 3 times or more second workpiece, so you spend need quite long time. If you need to run clamping apparatus, and the working hours of bench clamp is shorter, you had better configure a tray to exchange unit on your machining center " . CNC Milling