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Upend ground deposits the suits job of much sort, small lot automation unit of Makino company child tray is much more phyletic, the workshop or else below manufacturing environment can count on small lot to pass the machining center that runs several independence merely, provide an operation personnel for every machining center this kind of means will compete. Manpower cost is too high, and more important is, the operation below this kind of means means the mechanization rate that has 40% only normally, be in to assemble and unassemble by waste because of many time on workpiece and cleared workpiece clamping apparatus. But. Through introducing automation and horizontal machining center, the utilization rate of equipment and installations of the workshop can be carried 50% , 80% , even 95% so tall. The form with the simplest automation is to change knife and automatic exchange tray automatically. If apply correctly, combination of these two kinds of functions can make the utilization rate of horizontal machining center increases to 80% from 5O% together. But, want to make machine tool utilization rate is jumped litre to 90% and taller, the workshop must take the next step in automation -- much tray system. Although be used in big batch workshop normally, the workshop that much tray, general tray or tray warehouse system make be engaged in much sort, small lot making can unmanned value defends locomotive machine tool and automata. For example, system of a 8 tray can get used to 8 kinds of more perhaps and different jobs, right perhaps same the so much of a spare parts is planted different operation. Actually, these systems can raise machine tool utilization rate greatly and need not the workshop increases its manpower resource. Besides much tray. Workshop of proposal of manufacturer of a lot of machine tools uses built up fixture and tray management system inside unit controller. Built up fixture makes the workshop can be any workpiece in series part quickly to make fixture inside about 4 hours. Additionally one kind of method is to make custom-built fixture, but this meeting costs more time and manpower. After the job that carried out an use built up fixture, the workshop can take the digital picture of next clamping apparatus, perhaps use the specific clamping apparatus that it uses below the software record that system of built up fixture includes normally. This makes the workshop can weigh new clothes smoothly to match clamping apparatus to repeat order, and need not make put aside for reduplicative order frame on stack clamping apparatus. Unit controller exchanges join of one or more machining center the system to tray and remember lading the spare parts to tray array. The software of clamping apparatus management of all part program and aleatoric type connects permanent to stay inside unit controller in order to offer " only place " operation. Certain and unit controller still accepts the video that different spare parts installs or photograph to consult in order to offer in the future even. Lade when tray the unit controller delivers proper part program automatically it to book machine tool when workpiece. Unit controller can make the crop of the workshop increases and need not add more to operate personnel. Although the robot basically applies at big batch to produce, but a lot of machine tools nowadays and production equipment supplier offer a few automation that operate technically for much sort, small lot and the robot system of the design. Makino and Automated Concepts company can provide such system. The system of Makino is comprised by a robot, it will work child tray carries horizontal machining center inside -- it is machine tool of a 5 axes normally, with the tray of machining center suitable positioner ensures every are laded child tray suits a machine tool, because this machine tool knows child the position of tray. As a result of child tray suits a machine tool, so the workshop still can make the workpiece on these tray agrees with machine tool. This eliminated redundant step, need not determine workpiece perhaps makes in the position on the machine tool workpiece agrees with machine tool. The Tim Jones of manager of product line of horizontal machining center of Makino company says, "When the tray of use tradition exchanges a system, the workshop still must make new clamping apparatus agrees with the machine tool ensures the spare parts on these clamping apparatus locates correctly. " the system of tray of systematic unlike tradition of Makino in that way tray of horizontal land pile, however upend ground deposits his child tray. This makes the system can get used to little space, and need not grow long tray to deposit unit. Only working setting station is a level in Makino system, so operation personnel is in lade gravity need not bear when the spare parts. Jones says, child the fact that tray and their upend deposit has helped Makino company be able to use the robot at tall mix, low yield works. LM-8D system is much sort, small lot produces the automation that offers valence cheap. Automated Concepts company adopts a kind of different method to implement the automation that much sort, small lot works. Its system is called LM-8D, it is an independence that suits a workshop to have a machine tool, off-the-peg automation is wrapped. This system includes Fanuc M 16i 6 axes robot, one two-way food chute of 5 drawer spare parts and a Fanuc " B " model controller. The Brian Turner of manager of special type business of Automated Concepts company says. The standard that adopts use such is prefab package, automated Concepts company can with under 100, the price of 00O dollar supplies LM-8D, this price is lower than custom-built system about 25% to 40% . He says: "A lot of workshops tell us they need automation, but they live toward the idea place with the not quite flexible system that be mixed by charge to prevent. LM-8D solution is restricted besides these two. " the workshop lades all sorts of workpiece in food chute drawer of the system. The height of food chute drawer goes to 8 inches from 5 inches adjustable, suit a diameter from 2.

5 inches arrive 4.

5 inches workpiece. The robot opens an independent drawer clapboard next, mobile semifinished product of a part lades his on the machine tool that expect. Once machine a spare parts, the robot uninstalls his from the machine tool, replace is taken so a carry perhaps is put to give conveyer to go up inside that drawer when taking a part, perhaps put a material or blank bin inside, lade next another workpiece. The robot uses a 3 spare parts figure that show the system that catch claw will handle all sorts of differring, this system still includes additionally 6 aluminium to make point to base, they can be used at the spare parts of different type. The interface that Automated Concepts company passes a machine tool the robot it is compositive go up to the machine tool, the machine tool that should implement automation so must make the preparation of nice link robot. This means a machine tool must the controller that can press the robot it repeatedly. Besides other benefit, LM-8D still facilitates the mobile, robot because of it and drawer unit are secured with bolt in what by steel wire safety bar surrounds same a base / on workbench. Working hind is carried out on the machine tool of a kind of type when it, the workshop is OK will use forklift to carry whole system to different machine tool conveniently. LM-8D application is operated at the machining of aleatoric type -- mill, car, grind and other, the design plan that sends the LM-8D of makings the system to two machine tools is being made now in, current model is become by the design serve for a machine tool only. In addition, be located in as a result of robot and drawer type food chute same on workbench, so the robot knows the place of food chute from beginning to end. Be gone to by shift when the system after different position, the workshop need not weigh food chute of new church robot where to be. Once the system locates, the workpiece clamping apparatus that mere need makes the robot contacts a machine tool comes its machine tool is in church where, carry air and electric power to the system and the I/O module machine tool of systematic connection machine. CNC Milling