Japanese JTEKT development goes to injure lesser roller rocker bearing to cam

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Graph 1: "ROCKER ROLLER "   Japan nimble too squares formed by crossed lines is special (JTEKT) announce, the bearing of rocker of low torsion roller that development went to be able to reduce cam wear and tear and loss " ROCKER ROLLER " . The special platen technology that this development gave to optimize platen parameter " TETORA TEKT " , in reduce exterior coarseness while, raise the hardness of the most outside layer only, reduced the injury to cam to reduce torsion from this. In recent years, to improve burnup, appeared to start engine oil low viscosity to turn a tide. When using low viscosity oil, the outer lane surface of the roller rocker bearing that contacts with cam asks to have certain hardness. Accordingly, the gush bolus process that need has increasing strength of surface layer exhaustion previously, because gush bolus handles the surface to become coarse, because this has even,undertake rolling grinding work foreword abradely to the surface. And leave out of TETORA TEKT technology gush bolus working procedure, in rely on to boil only grind while processing reduces exterior coarseness, increased the fatigue strength of surface layer. In the experiment of this company, with product photograph is compared before, the abrasion loss of cam falls the half is the following. From this, torsion is the biggest reduced 12 % , cost also reduced 5 % . Graph 2: The structure of roller rocker CNC Milling